About Eurimages

Law of Ukraine “On Ukraine’s Joining the European Support Fund for the Co-Production and Distribution of Creative Cinematographic and Audiovisual Works (“Eurimages”)”

The European Support Fund for the Co-Production and Distribution of Creative Cinematographic and Audiovisual Works (“EURIMAGES”) was established on October 26, 1988, by the Resolution (88) 15 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, as amended by resolutions (89) 6, (90) 34, (92) 3, (93) 10, (95) 4, (97) 65, (98) 10, (2013) 57 and decisions adopted by the Deputy Ministers, dated December 15, 1999, and July 19, 2000, to encourage co-production and distribution of cinematographic and audiovisual works.

The Fund’s annual budget is over 25 million Euro which are distributed in the form of concessional loans to support co-production projects, as well as the distribution and promotion of film projects. The support of cinemas implemented in cooperation with Europe Cinema is a separate area of ​​the Found’s activities.

The Fund plays a key role in uniting the European film industry, developing European networks of cooperation between professionals, expanding the horizons of national film production, and improving the model of European film production.

Ukraine’s joining the Fund is a part of measures aimed at encouraging the development of the domestic film industry, strengthening international cultural cooperation, and promoting Ukrainian films in the European film market.

Ukraine’s joining EURIMAGES allows:

  • submitting Ukrainian co-production projects to the fund for consideration,
  • receiving financing and participating in the fund’s support programs,
  • developing national film production,
  • strengthening international cultural cooperation and promotion of Ukrainian films on the European film market.